We’ve been pumping gas for more than a century; we’re used to it. EV charging is new and not all chargers work the same, so we understand if you have questions.

Our team is available to you – 24/7: 888 908-8303 or

Want to report a station that isn’t functioning or is in need of service? We appreciate you giving our maintenance crew the heads up that a station needs their attention;

How to Use Our Chargers

myEVroute™ supports various charging station
manufacturers. Here is some detailed information on the
stations and how to use them.

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* EVCO charging stations

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* EVCO charging stations

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* EVCO charging stations

Frequently Asked Questions:

How come I can’t use my Blackberry to pay?

The mobile app is supported on Apple and Android based products.

My credit card is not working; or my key fob is not working.

Level 2: The EVSE accepts the mobile app and the key fob connected to a payment source.

Level 3: If you are using your credit card, you can swipe, insert or tap. If using tap function, make sure your credit card has tap capabilities and you are tapping the credit card reader. If you are tapping the key fob, make sure you are tapping RFID reader.

I tried both the app and the fob, but nothing is happening.

Make sure the EVSE is plugged into the vehicle.

Ensure a payment source has been added to your myEVroute account. This can be done through the website ( or mobile app in the profile section.

The App says I am connected but the charge light has not come on.

The charging station can take a few minutes to connect through the cellular network. If the session does not start within 3 minutes, it will time out, please try again.

Terra Units

Terra units – Display Screen is not illuminated.

Try touching the Display Screen

Terra units – Display Screen indicates Emergency Shutdown messaging.

Emergency shutdown button has been pressed. Twisting the button clockwise will release it

Terra units – Display screen indicates “Connection Failed”.

Check the connection to the vehicle
Confirm the same plug and plug selection on screen have been selected

Terra units – Credit Card was declined.

Problem with the credit card. Please contact your financial institution.

Terra units – Why can’t I charge my level 2 (J1772) vehicle here?

Station is designed for CHAdeMO and CCS vehicles, J1772 units are available at other locations

Contact myEVroute™ at 1-888-908-3803 if:

Light Ring not illuminated or fault light is red. (WattStation and DuraStation)

Display Screen indicates EVSE is temporarily out of service. (Terra)

Credit Card Reader says “Cash Only” or is not illuminated. (Terra)