Pricing Policies

Charging prices depend on the policy set by the network operator (myEVroute) and charging station hosts. Pricing differs based upon the charging station owner’s objective as to why an EV station was installed.

Charging prices can be a set fee, a connection fee with an hourly rate, or a combination thereof.

Detailed station pricing is available via the myEVroute™ app.

Rebate Programs

Many provinces offer financial incentives to people
buying electric vehicles and chargers

EVCO Program

The Electric Vehicle Chargers Ontario (EVCO) implementation of charging infrastructure across Ontario was designed to help address “range anxiety”—a common concern of drivers regarding the distance electric vehicles can travel compared to traditional vehicles.

The EVCO program lives as a result of the Ontario Green Investment Fund. Operation of the stations is thanks to individual station hosts working in partnership with myEVroute.

We are collecting and reporting usage data to the Ministry of Transportation on a regular basis until 2022 to understand the program’s impact on the EV ecosystem.