We never debit your account to maintain a minimum balance, nor do we require a membership.

Don’t have our mobile app?

  • Search for charge stations based on location
  • Start a charge session by scanning a QR code or entering the station ID, or pick from your list of favourites
  • Monitor your current charge session in real-time
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  • Receive notifications when your vehicle has completed charging
  • View a history of your past charge sessions
  • Pay safely and securely using your credit card or debit card
  • Manage your account details (payment method, email, mailing address, notification preferences)

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Do you like the ease of a key fob?

The key fob is tied to your account –tap and charge! No need for a smart phone or credit card. Request your key fob today ($8.50 includes taxes and S&H). Please allow for 2 business days for processing; delivered by Post.